About Us

After years of unsuccessfully trying to find the “right” product to promote healthy hair growth and other products exclusively designed for women who relished their hair’s natural state; CEO Natassja Allen took matters into her own hands. With necessity being the mother of invention and obstacles being the gateway to opportunity, Naturally Classy Adornments was birthed. This independent, Black-owned business serves as a two-fold remedy to issues plaguing our community corporately and individually. With our services, we not only provide healthy options for our individual clientele, but we are also able to simultaneously pour money back into our community.

Healthy options are at times viewed as only being attainable to the upper-crust. We thought it needful to keep the “average” family in mind during these uncertain times when life has shown its capability to turn on a dime. Therefore; all our products are priced so that they can be purchased and enjoyed by practically everyone.